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Good Bad and Godly

Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2012, at 5:00 PM

My mind woke up thinking in a weird sort of way, almost as if I could still ride a horse, so if the words don't quite make sense, will mean my mind has gone way off course. Haaa-Yeee, I think I'm me. (^8 Try it, You'll like it.
Good Bad and Godly
By Arley Steinhour 013112

With players in position, Good and Evil now to trace,
To see just who the bad and good guys are,
With Anti-logic thinking, to put each clue in place,
We must stop the 'victim,' before they go too far.

There is a mean 'young' Nation, Twelve Million plus a few,
Pouring Cup of consternation , on a Billion 'victim' folk,
Fresh from the 'Spas of Concentration,' with nothing else to do,
Than to steal this 'Desecrated land,' as some kind of 'joke.'

Oh, the 'victim' cries and wails, as they're carted off to Jail,
For defending 'their' land, from Jew's who received it back,
For shooting rockets cross the border, to cause Israel travail,
The poor 'victims' suffer greatly, when the Jew fights back.

Bullets fly, people die, no one can be nice,
Four thousand years of Feuding, is what it be,
Treaties signed, far more than twice,
Like Hatfield and McCoy, plain to see.

What caused this problem, you might ask,
I doubt any could well explain,
Who best serves the 'One God,' task,
To be worthy of Blessing Rain.

Want to know who the Real God be,
'Victim' says 'to kill' for him sets them free,
The God of the Jew, came and died for you and even me,
So with Him, our souls could forever be, free, even me.

Soon comes a time of Seven years,
Of Great destruction, with death galore,
When 'anti-god' does enjoy the cheers,
From those thinking he gives much more.

When the Seven are finished, final battle won,
Stands One God worthy of Worship, and Praise,
With the 'Anti-god,' locked in chains by God's 'Son,'
Who Rules One Thousand Years, to teach God's ways.


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