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End Times Time

Posted Sunday, January 29, 2012, at 4:00 PM

No need to cast the net from the 'other side,' as the dead fish would be on both sides; but, who would dare eat them? If these be not signs, Jesus must have something far more spectacular in mind.
End Times Time
By Arley Steinhour 012912

As in the days of Noah's life,
He had three sons, and one wife.

As in the days of Nephew Lot,
Wife was salt at the Vista spot.

Snow White Owl, from North Arctic,
Has flown South, acting erratic.

China selling their best weaponry,
To every Arab that they see.

Earthquakes swarm in diverse places,
Without warning, or Social graces.

Terrorists blow themselves up,
Thirty victims fill their martyr cup.

Birds are falling from the sky,
No one seems to know quite why.

Fish, floating dead, by the ton,
Cleaning them up, ain't no fun.

Funny clouds up in the Blue,
I'd say 'insane,' be me or you.

Asteroid, no one saw arrive,
Zipped by, close by, hyper-drive.

Northern lights dancing in Carolina night,
Sun Bursts provide the beautiful light.

So much of this was well forecast,
Throughout the Bible, for 'Days, the last.'

God may be warning our souls,
Change our ways, or dig like Moles.

There is no way to escape His wrath,
Unless we follow His sacred path;

To the small door leading to Him,
The door called Jesus, who took our Sin.

Anyone living, not Born Again,
In Hell, with Satan, live in their Sin.

Easy as pie, we all can be saved,
Accept His Pardon, not be enslaved.

Repent your ways, and start anew,
Your focus on Christ, Him living in you.


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