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Troubles to Rescue

Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012, at 3:00 PM

When the Hero comes to rescue man, He won't come 'inviting' to fly, No, Sorting in a flash of time, with a critical eye.
Troubles to Rescue
By Arley Steinhour 011912

So many things upon my mind,
I may not make much sense,
One great point that I did find,
Straying brother back in the fence.

A week ago, to his surprise,
He received a visit from Jesus,
Who filled his heart with God supplies,
His return to fold, sure does please us.

When Jesus came a knocking,
Declaring, to where he was bent,
A glimpse of Hell is very shocking,
There, he'll never more be sent.

Iran is getting ready to blow,
A Nuclear bomb, deep in the earth,
If for no reason than world to show,
Their military might has Nuclear worth.

Earthquakes, seeing more and stronger,
Volcano's smoking anywhere they please,
Diverse places, can't hide much longer,
With so much smoke and ash, to sneeze.

One thing, that really caught my ear,
Earth seems to be moaning, and groaning,
Travailing moans, or too much beer,
Perhaps, the cry of a soul, before stoning.

There was a sound that might be grand,
The metal sound of blaring Trumpet,
Sound that washed all over the land,
But too haunting for tea and crumpet.

Israel's only friend left, it seems,
Wants to Rule them like he's Regal,
Their leadership said, 'In your dreams,'
If ours acts Regal, don't look for Legal.

Prophetic Words, now being heard,
Are haunting Two Thousand Twelve,
Seer's, Mayan's, and Preachers word,
Paint a picture, where few folk will delve.

In the words of a fine Christian Sister,
Who Opines with authorative skill,
'I don't know all of the answer,
But, do know the one who will.'

If you don't know Him, who made us,
Forming mankind from the clay,
You need get acquainted or miss the bus,
When He comes to Snatch Bride away.

AMEN (with a grin)

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Thanks for witnessing in your "funny way"-you're awesome and thanks!

-- Posted by fred2 on Thu, Jan 19, 2012, at 8:54 PM

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