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Good Morning God 011612

Posted Monday, January 16, 2012, at 12:50 PM

>>> Morning, Waking up Prayer, Something to celebrate, as being able to be done, and is to me, oh, so much fun. <<<
Good Morning God 011612
By Arley Steinhour

Awakening, this brand-new day,
I raise my prayer to you,
Asking you bless me in every way,
So to your glory, I be true.

Without so much as blink of eye,
There is beauty to behold,
Like creatures flying in the sky,
Plus earthbound, young and old.

Great, the process of awakening,
From sound sleep through the night,
To find this new day, beckoning,
As darkness yields to your Sunlight.

As I more behold the window scene,
I say my morning prayer,
Praising you that it be crisp and clean,
while my day is free from care.

There's frost upon the window pane,
Tree limbs sparkle in new light,
Chimneys emit a stream of smoke,
Showing homes are warm and tight.

This day, Bless to your Glory,
It, and I are a part of you,
I ask you bless my part, again,
So double portion loves you true.

The rays of light bring the sky to sight,
Becoming a clear, crispy, Blue,
Not one cloud, does the Blue sky blight,
I greet with smile, this day made by you.

Turning on News, as I cook breakfast,
Taters and eggs, my favorite fare,
I knew that pristine couldn't last,
From the news, I want to pull my hair.

Jerusalem, Cup of trembling seat,
World waits to see what you do,
Your People, so many contemptibly treat,
Fulfilling Prophecies aimed at you.

Diverse places feel Earth tremble,
Sky fills black with ashen clouds,
Buildings shake, and disassemble,
Causing many homeless crowds.

Seas roar, filling hearts with dread,
Fish, dying in great number,
Birds falling from the sky, all dead,
Times that History can't remember.

Praying, eating, pondering,
I think I'm ready for today,
Keyboard in hand, I'm witnessing,
No time for fishing, or to play.

With you, first in thought,
Witnessing in my funny way,
As I start my busy day,
May I reach somebody's heart.


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