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Fulfilling Our Part

Posted Friday, January 13, 2012, at 9:30 PM

It's lonely at the Altar, come join me everyone, Let us make a pact with God, through His Only Begotten Son.
Fulfilling Our Part
By Arley Steinhour 011312

Blessed are you, Oh lord my god,
Bless this day of mystery,
It may be happy, or day of rod,
but probably full of history.

As we open up our eyes,
to experience this day,
May I have a warm surprise,
In my life, have total sway.

Please bless my part,
And fill my Tray,
Fill to the brim my mortal heart,
And to Heaven, show the way.

I'll play my faithful part in you,
As good as any faithful son,
Guide my course, this day through,
Salvation, through Grace, I've won.

May I be a beacon, bright as I be,
To any unsaved heart,
Father let them see, you're in me,
Satan, no more has a part.

If they see it, however meek,
If they want, they will Repent,
Conviction and Adoption, seek.
A price that has no Rent.

Please, gather in the Lambs, Dear God,
So many have gone astray,
Bring them home, with loving rod,
May they live Eternal Day.

We mount the Wall, and sound the call,
Assemble to the LORD,
Even though you must pass, one and all,
Through Old Satan's hoard.


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