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Posted Thursday, January 12, 2012, at 10:46 AM

Photographer/Location, Unknown, inspired these, my Praise-words, "SKY WALK;" be it here, in Mortality, or later, with God, and His Angels, We-CAN. (notice the shaping of the poles)
I dedicate this Praise poem to a Dear Sister, in Christ, Shelle Lynette Dummer, who graduated a tad ahead of the class, and will be waiting to Welcome us, when we step off of God's Heaven bound Bus, Soon, I pray. AMEN

By Arley Steinhour 011212

Having Walk-ability,
Tread the higher path,
Walk amongst the singing birds,
In the upper half.

Hear birds sing,
Without a care,
Where all take wing,
Only Angels, there.

Breeze flows lightly,
through shining locks,
Son blazes brightly,
on these nature walks.

The dreary things,
of Mortal life,
cannot take wings,
nor offer strife.

Walk softly swings,
In gentle breeze,
God's Love, it brings,
The heart to please.

We spread our arms,
As if to fly,
Looking down alarms,
So, watch God's sky.

Soon, graduate,
To Heavens fold,
No Pain, to rate,
No tear, flows bold.

A Simple choice,
Accept His Love,
We can then give Voice,
Praising Him, Above.

Singing, soaring,
Angels imploring,
Repent, Be Free.


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