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Rambling Prayer

Posted Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at 1:12 PM

Any Time, Any Place, Any Reason, hey, hey, Even if it don't make sense, it's always time to pray.
Rambling Prayer
By Arley Steinhour 011112

Father God, I come to you,
Full of wonderment,
About the things that you soon do,
Not for man's enjoyment.

Prophecy, highlights the time,
Earth, Quaking, Erupting, Comets flight,
Storms, Disasters, Insane Crime,
For mankind, Blighted Plight.

We brought these times upon our person,
By living the way we do,
So many rejecting your only Son,
So few turning to you.

Great Tribulation, Satan's 'Hay-day,'
Of Lustful Pride, and Death,
He'll confirm he can't live your way,
With hatred in every breath.

You'll play him like a puppet,
You choose the rhythm of his dance,
He won't know he is in your net,
Until chained, Prophesied in advance.

That part, most everybody knows,
The Prophecies are clear,
Yet, people Sin, like water flows,
As if they can't see or hear.

The witness that we offer,
Rejected out of hand,
Don't think they will suffer,
For you, they haven't planned.

They say that they don't need repent,
to have Salvation from a 'Loving God,'
We can't convince them, they're hell-bent,
To suffer Torment, and Iron Rod.

Forgive me, please, for my sad word,
Keep your protection over me,
We'll show them truth, they haven't heard,
So, those who will, shall maybe 'see.'


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