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The Dying Soul and Reply

Posted Monday, January 9, 2012, at 11:27 AM

Sound the Shofar, Call the Faithful to Moedim, don't worry about the obstacles, they're much smaller than they seem. Turn the heart to Jesus, before mortality ends, so you, as I, can be with Him, until Eternity Ends (NOT).
Received from a Poet Christian Sister, coupled with my reply, perhaps will reach a heart, out there, that Needs Salvation, and never 'Second Death,' to Die.

The Dying Soul
By Rita Broden

Two Christmases were given
Another birthday came
Another little grandson
With which to play a little game

Unless the Lord does intervene
The game will go un-played
Sickness has now taken hold
And has left good health betrayed

This soul no longer thinks about
The things they thought before
They know that death is knocking -
In fact, it's standing at their door

Reflections now, upon their life,
Bring thoughts of much regret
So much time they'd wasted -
So many lost souls they'd not met

"If only..." are the echoes
That ring within their mind
Scenarios of thoughts "What if...?"
Do leave their Scars behind
Words once said in judgment
Go 'round and 'round their head
They cringe now as they realize
They lie in judgment's bed

Time, it seems, is running out
With only deaths thoughts left
And, as is the case with death,
It will leave some folks bereft

We all know that death's coming
But its impact's only felt
When we're given words that make us see
The hand that we've been dealt

Invincible, we think we are!
Death? Well...not just yet!
And so, we live our lives to self -
Incurring selfish debt
Just how many lost souls
Could have been reached if we'd but tried?
How many homeless, hungry folks
Could we have helped before we died?

That money that was spent on 'things'
We really didn't need
God could have used for Kingdom growth
But, instead, was used for greed

Some of us may have a clue
When death may come around
Some others it may snatch away
With not so much as a sound

But, indeed, we have appointments -
Each one of us will die
God ordained death long ago
One day we all must say, 'Good-bye'

But right now we still have life and breath!
We still have time to make things right!
We can choose to follow Jesus
Or, we can descend to darkest night

Until we take our final breath
On this side of the grave
There's still more time to witness
There's still more souls that can be saved

So, if the medical professionals
Tell you death is a sure bet
If you've lived your life for Jesus
Death will bring you no regret


Dying Soul Response
By Arley Steinhour 010912

Dear Sister, in Christ, Shalom.
Thank you for your words, and heart, you say the same as I,
Except that we 'do' Graduate, only unsaved can really die.

Abandoning our mortal self, will make folks think we're dead,
When in all actuality, we've only flown away from bed.

We leave behind our 'Rental Car,' that Taxied us through life,
But, when we graduate to Him, we're an active part of 'Wife.'

If you're authoring your own demise, from this mortal life,
I pray you don't feel sorry, you're only turning off this mortal strife.

The instant that you lift, and start your trip, pain is left behind,
You'll never have compunction, once Heaven opens to your mind.

So, witness to the earthworm, witness to the crow,
Witness to a brick-wall, and all the folks you know.

Even if you see someone, who doesn't have Jesus Glow,
Witness softly to them, plant the seed so it can grow.

I pray, if your needed, God takes you home, to Him,
But, it He Wills, and you can stay, He keeps you ever trim.

I pray, you never shed a tear, on what you leave behind,
If you have done the best you can, then you they'll easy find.

All that any one need do, is look up to the sky,

To know that Rita Broden, never truly did, 'Just die.'


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It's so true, Arley! My blessed earthly family relatives and I will be filled with such tremendous Joy when to heaven we fly!

-- Posted by fred2 on Mon, Jan 9, 2012, at 2:47 PM

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