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Worship and Rehearse

Posted Saturday, January 7, 2012, at 3:52 PM

Last Harvest has nothing to do with food, once He separates the Fold, Wheat and Tare no longer grow together, that be the 'Day's of Old.'
Worship and Rehearse
By Arley Steinhour 010712

Blessed are you, oh Lord God, King of Universe,
Who gives us each a brand new day, to worship and rehearse,

To grow, in all you bless us with, that wisdom does abound,
Preparing us in all you do, to bless us in your Found.

You bless us on our rising, you bless us through the day,
You bless us when we go to sleep, in dreaming, healing, way.

Awakening before day's light, to enjoy Rise of the Sun,
So we know, all was made, by your 'Only Begotten Son.'

Most birds no longer sing here, they sing in Southern land,
Blessing all the folks there, with your feathered flying band.

The weather, here, is colder, snow flies, when given chance,
Snow teaches us pure whiteness, purity, not happenstance.

The Frosting, seals the cycle, the yearly cycle done,
Seal the growth of the tree, in Spring another ring begun.

Barley is first Harvest, as you bring on Summers heat,
Marking the yearly cycle, to bless another year of 'meat.'

Wheat multiplies, in the heat of Summer Sun,
Work is blessed, with many seeds, 'a hundred to one.'

As the days grow hotter, Fruit and nuts take shape, and grow,
So when the Time is perfect, your Provision, we fully know.

With crops in, from your blessing, and coolness strikes the air,
Life on earth, has returned to the words we offer and declare;

Blessed are you, oh Lord God, King of Universe,
Who gives us each a brand new day, to worship and rehearse.


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