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Statistic or Example

Posted Tuesday, January 3, 2012, at 3:37 PM

I was looking up to see, if He was looking down to see, if I was looking up to see, if He was watching over me. In my looking up to see, it was very plain to see, that He was watching over me, and with Him, I'll Always Be. AMEN
Statistic or Example
By Arley Steinhour 010312

So many calls for cool and calm,
With so many things awry,
Nervous Nellie's needing balm,
Problems mounting to the sky;

There has to be an answer,
Man needs to make a choice,
Do we raise our fists, and at Him swear,
Or call out to Him, with Repentant voice?

The problems that we're suffering,
Through us, from Adam, came to be,
Oh, we go to Church, for worshiping,
Adding no one to His Family Tree.

We always want the other guy,
To the world, Evangelize,
That way we never need to lie,
Just dress good, so we look wise.

Jesus commanded, we need Witness every day,
His way must be our example,
Showing how to live life the Christian way,
With Holy Spirit, we are more than ample.

Responsible, we are, for the problem, this season,
Tribulation is to separate Wheat from Tare,
So that Harvest is complete, there be no reason,
For Sinful ways to then contaminate the air.

Please turn your heart to Jesus,
As you receive Salvation free,
Repent your sin, and join us,
In New Jerusalem, with 'me.'

(Scary, Huh?) AMEN

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