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Not Quite Over

Posted Monday, January 2, 2012, at 12:55 PM

Anyone for a catastrophic Fish Fry??; How about a few thousand Black Bird Pies??; Perhaps it's just a Warning?? Hard to say, but it has my attention.
Not Quite Over
By Arley Steinhour 010212

Shalom, this morning, as we speed away, from year Two-Thousand, Eleven.
I opened up the online news, and found the world is still full of Leaven,
Dead birds Falling, Dead fish floating, Volcano mouths open wide,
Read it at http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.c... for the ride.

I sent my Chicken Little suit, out for feathers new,
Just so I could keep on sending, real good news to you,
I call it good, God is 'Event Control,'
And, those not Born Again, need dig a hole;

Events are on horizon, like about two feet away,
Earth be shaking, Sun-spots baking, no safe place to stay,
Our only safety, came from Jesus Christ, in his guarantee,
We are bound to suffer Hell, unless He sets us free.

We need ask His forgiveness, in Repentant prayer,
Salvation, His Free Gift to us, so Eternity we may share.
Go, tell your friends and neighbors, don't forget your family,
We all can go to Heaven, to be with Him, Eternally.

I ask you, Lord, bless what I have said,
May every soul hear, then nod their head,
The race is almost over, finish line ahead,
Those who refuse Salvation, truly will be dead.

You're closing out the punishment, that Adam laid on man,
Repossessing Satan's property, another part of plan,
To do away with all things bad, like Sin, and prideful sleight of hand,
Only, Love and Good things from you, will occupy Your Land.

With heart in hands, Praise on lips, I send this prayer to you,
On behalf of all who live, upon this Orb so Blue,
That every Soul will join this prayer, as Spirit fills their heart,
Then, I can leave mortality, knowing I have done my part.


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