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Glee Beer Knee Cheer 2011_2012

Posted Saturday, December 31, 2011, at 1:01 PM

Twenty-Four times God will see, the celebration of New Year, Forward looking, to a better time, must be with Stoic Cheer.
Glee Beer Knee Cheer 2011
By Arley Steinhour 123111

A brand new year is coming,
Worldwide it's mostly here,
The one we leave is humming,
With pain and suffering all this year;

Storm, and Quaking, of Mother Earth,
Travail, now in full persuasion,
Heralds soon coming, Tribulation birth,
For man, a Satanic Rule occasion;

Pain can only amplify,
As man suffer Prophetic loss,
Church gone, that did exemplify,
Leaves behind a number, yet not dross.

There will be a chance for every-one,
To turn their heart to God on High,
Through His Only Begotten Son,
And the 'Second Death,' not die.

The 'End of World,' that some claim,
With much horror for man, forecast,
Are known well, so I won't name,
Say, 'End Time will happen fast.'

The Bible tends to somewhat agree,
Except this is not the Earth's defeat,
Two Thousand Twelve, may well be,
Separation harvest, of Tare and Wheat.

We've suffered minor 'Labor Pain,'
Many Thousands, dead, and lost,
Property, Destroyed on every plain,
Incomprehensible the cost.

Look forward to Tribulation increase,
Look not backward with distain,
Soon, half of man's lives will cease,
Sadly, many to feel Hell's Pain.

In Two Thousand Twelve, will this be true,
I can't say yes or no,
I can only offer up to you,
It's your 'Choice,' to where you go.

Please celebrate the New Year Glee,
With something other than Cold Beer,
Before you celebrate, bend your knee,
Fill your heart with Salvation Cheer.


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