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Three Days in Hell

Posted Thursday, December 29, 2011, at 1:47 PM

GRAND OPENING, just three days after I die on the Cross, for your SIN-DEBT, read the sign above His head, on that CROSS (or words to that effect). It Now Stands Open for you and I, so there is no waiting, when we die, or 'fly.' AMEN
Three Days in Hell

By Arley Steinhour 122911

A Christian sister, asked me the following, and I gave her my opinion/understanding, and offer to you, as Food for Thought:

(Question): When Christ was crucified He descended into the depths of the earth. WHY???

I'm thinking that those who died b/4 his death that would have gone to heaven but without his death for the forgiveness of our sins that was they had been sent That He went to get them to take to heaven with Him.

My Answer, my words/thoughts: The answer to your question requires study and understanding, that I had to rely on the experts for, but did follow the references as were available, and agree with what they deductulated. I will mostly paraphrase, so this won't run into book length:

The primary key is: ' Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. ' '...but by me' the key. Jesus (God) was being Jesus (mortal teacher) for the first time, so, as the experts tend to believe, only Enoch, and Elijah's souls were taken before God, prior to the Birth of Christ, for permanent residence, that is. Even (as I understand) Moses slept with the 'Fathers,' awaiting the "Messiah/Key to the Door of Heaven, 'Jesus,' " to be able to accept any 'Pre-Jesus' Jewish Saints (so to speak), and allow Heavenly abode.

Upon His Death, Mat 27:51-53 explains a lot, but one needs to chronologocalisize (my rendition of the word) the events: As Jesus died, the veil was rent (TOP to bottom (very important as no man can tear material six inches thick, especially from God's side/edge, downward, to man's side/edge. The graves of the 'Saints' (Old Testament Saints, and even new 'believers in Jesus,' who may have managed to die before Jesus died), were 'Opened' (something like the marking of the Barley, for the 'Wave Offering' conducted on First Fruits morning (Sunday/Resurrection/Harvest, celebration at sunrise (apx 6AM)) ... and then the kicker: 'When He arose (Sunday before Sunrise), they arose,' and were seen walking around town until Jesus ascended to the Father, at which time, He took the OT Saints Home, to Heaven (the same moment that the High Priest would 'Wave' the Omer of Barley, before God, before the Temple). All those centuries of practice, and the High Priest still didn't understand he was waving to Jesus and the Saints, as they ascended to the Father. (I get Goose-bumps just typing about it,,,Ha)

Prior to Jesus paying the Redemption Price, on the Cross, those who died, went to Hell (so to speak), which had two sides (part on one side of the bottomless chasm, and part on the other side), with one side 'Paradise,' where was residing/waiting, Abraham, Noah, Adam, Eve, Abel, Isaac, Jacob, etcetera etcetera, and so on, with the 'other' side being a place of extreme torment (but not the Lake of Fire used at Great White Throne Judgment), but a place harbingering, to a hot extent, what is in store for those 'Lost Souls,' in the actual Lake of Fire, and Brimstone (Purest HELL, designed for Satan and the Fallen Angels, plus the Beast, and False Prophet). (I have wondered, if, by chance, the First Hell, may be where 'normal' Lost Souls may go (pure conjecture, on my part)).

Upon His death, on the Cross, Jesus descended into Hell, and somewhere in those three nights, broke down the Gates of Brass and Iron, organized the Saints, enjoyed their worship, and made them ready to ascend Home (what I like to call 'Graduate'), and fulfilling the celebration of First Fruits (Spring Holy-Days)

When Mary Mag. saw Jesus, thinking Him the gardener, Jesus was readying himself, and the Saints to ascent Home, and is why a sinful, mortal, could not touch Him, as Jesus stood before her absolutely God-Pure; or something like that///my opinion of the logicality of why she couldn't touch Him, but later that day, could hug Him.

And, that, my dear, is my long winded way of saying, YEP, you think rightly. ::: "No one comes To the Father, But 'By' ME," said He, so succinctly all can see, like you and me.

Not exactly poetry, but heart-praise filled. I hope my words make sense.

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