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A Silent Night

Posted Sunday, December 25, 2011, at 12:33 AM

We celebrate that Silent Night, and worship God on High, to Thank Him for His Only Son, Who Paid, so we need not die.
A Silent Night
by Arley Steinhour 122411

A Silent Night, without a light, can make the night seem dark,
Dark enough, the silence screams, and even a dog won't bark,

The light from stars, takes on a glow, that points the way to Him,
We almost miss the place He be, the manger He fills to the brim.

We enter as on egg shells, we tip toe to His side,
Laying in a Manger, my God, eyes open wide.

The world takes on a haunting glow, as mother looks on Him,
Her lips are tight from travail this night, but Love overflows the brim.

Her cup is overflowing, our hearts do follow suit,
Rough and tough the shepherd, but still He looks so cute.

Perhaps it is the glowing light, that circles round His head,
We know it's not the manger, cause a manger ain't no bed.

There's music playing everywhere, as if coming from the rocks,
Animals have taken voice, to coral Him into Mortal flocks.

The name they choose, Ya'eshuah, much like Emmanuel,
For short they use Yeshuah, Satan missed the call from Hell.

In eight days, they circumcise, the Mortal Son of God,
To prove He is Abrahamic blood, to use the Iron 'Rod.'

From there, the dedication, of every first born Son,
But in this case, His dedication, became a Special One.

God, with us, Emmanuel, alive, right here with man,
He came to pay the terrible price, for God's most special plan.

We Faithful, who believe in the Son, are given by His Grace,
Freedom from the wage of Sin, with Him, we take a place.

So, thank you God, for redeeming me, from that I couldn't pay,
But through your gift, Redemption, I have, the Only Way.

Rest ye-well, Emmanuel, forever in my heart,
Through my Life, in You, I play a worthy part.


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