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Winning with God

Posted Saturday, December 24, 2011, at 1:50 PM

God arranges where we sit, at His Wedding Table, Dining, He, of course, sets at the head, All His Glory Shining. If you're not yet a member, of His Family, Turn your heart to Jesus, upon a bended knee. AMEN
I received the below story, in an e-mail, just today,
Thought I'd pass it on, and this is what I had to say:

Winning with God
By Arley Steinhour 122411
I pass along, a baseball song,
The words do sing so true,
Read the words, then sing along,
And God's Heart-Song come singing through.

We celebrate the Reason,
That Jesus does fulfill,
To be the only true Season,
His Birth, blessed us with His Good Will.

Hark, and Herald, the Angels are singing,
Gift to man, a Blessed Birth,
Clouds astir with Angelic Winging,
Spreading Peace, upon this Earth.

We only need, look up, and pray,
God's waiting, our reply,
By His Grace, our debt He stay,
Some refuse Him, and truly die.

There is but one, Redeeming Grace,
As we play the game to Win,
Be it baseball, or Mission Race,
Faith in Him, Grace Removing Sin.


As good a sermon as you could ever find on a Sunday morning in church---nice message!!!!

(author of the baseball game, below unknown)

Freddy and the Lord stood by to observe a baseball game. The Lord's team was playing Satan 's team.

The Lord's team was at bat, the score was tied zero to zero, and it was the bottom of the 9th inning with two outs. They continued to watch as a batter stepped up to the plate named 'Love.'

Love swung at the first pitch and hit a single, because 'Love never fails.'

The next batter was named Faith, who also got a single because Faith works with Love.

The next batter up was named Godly Wisdom. Satan wound up and threw the first pitch.

Godly Wisdom looked it over and let it pass: Ball one. Three more pitches and Godly Wisdom walked because he never swings at what Satan throws.

The bases were now loaded. The Lord then turned to Freddy and told him He was now going to bring in His star player. Up to the plate stepped Grace... Freddy said, 'He sure doesn't look like much!'

Satan 's whole team relaxed when they saw Grace ...

Thinking he had won the game, Satan wound up and fired his first pitch. To the shock of everyone, Grace hit the ball harder than anyone had ever seen! But Satan was not worried; his center fielder let very few get by.

He went up for the ball, but it went right through his glove, hit him on the head and sent him crashing on the ground;

the roaring crowds went wild as the ball continued over the fence . . for a home run!

The Lord's team won!

The Lord then asked Freddy if he knew why Love, Faith and Godly Wisdom could get on base but couldn't win the game. Freddy answered that he didn't know why.

The Lord explained, 'If your love, faith and wisdom had won the game, you would think you had done it by yourself. Love, Faith and Wisdom will get you on base but only My Grace can get you Home:

'For by Grace are you saved, it is a gift of God; not of works, lest any man should boast.' Ephesians 2:8-9

Psalm 84:11, 'For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.'

'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' Phil 4:13

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Thanks Arley,

Take care of yourself.

-- Posted by Geezer on Sat, Dec 24, 2011, at 6:38 PM

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