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LIFE and DEATH Choices

Posted Thursday, December 22, 2011, at 10:43 AM

My timing isn't perfect, since His Birth we do celebrate, so please excuse my heavy heart, to save a soul is never late. Merry Christmas to One and All, Jesus, the Perfect Gift, to 'Self,' and any who will listen.
LIFE and DEATH Choices

By Arley Steinhour 122211

*I'm Old, and Fat, ready for Heaven,

Retired from 'Navy Blue,'

I've sailed the Seas of Worldly Seven,

With little prejudice, to ever Chew.

*Today, I saw a video, I would rather miss,

Staged, so all around would cheer,

A female sailor plant a juicy kiss,

Upon her female lover, free and clear.

*My Bible says that cannot be

This is Abomination

there stirred within my heart of hearts,

I live in a 'Sodom' nation.

*Man thinks the Law that God declares,

no longer fits our station,

Man can change and arrange God's Chairs,

Reject Godly Domination.

*My heart sings out in agony,

So many souls be lost,

Faith through Jesus, sets us free,

Many won't count rejection's cost.

*The time of Tribulation, 'Great,'

Be knocking at the door,

Choice made by man, determines 'Fate,'

We be Saved, or Satan's whore.

*The Trumpet call is blaring loud,

Prophetic Signs, abound,

Repent, and seek Jesus in the cloud,

Or in Heaven, be never found.

*Those who accept what God does not,

Christ Jesus, they do refuse,

Face the gate, where Flames burn Hot,

Eternal Torment, As you choose.

*God doesn't judge His people, No,

Each determines their own fate,

God provides which place we go,

Choose Wise, before too late.

*Folks may think me unforgiving,

Politically incorrect,

They think there is an option living,

So Christianity they reject;

*God says that we should walk away,

From those who live Abomination,

Islam says to Kill them All, so they,

Can purify their Satanation.

*Refuse to see truth, then we must vent,

From the Wilderness, cry: REPENT


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