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LIFE and DEATH Choices

Posted Thursday, December 22, 2011, at 10:43 AM

My timing isn't perfect, since His Birth we do celebrate, so please excuse my heavy heart, to save a soul is never late. Merry Christmas to One and All, Jesus, the Perfect Gift, to 'Self,' and any who will listen.
LIFE and DEATH Choices
By Arley Steinhour 122211

I'm Old, and Fat, ready for Heaven,
Retired from 'Navy Blue,'
I've sailed the Seas of Worldly Seven,
With little prejudice, to ever Chew.

Today, I saw a video, I would rather miss,
Staged, so all around would cheer,
A female sailor plant a juicy kiss,
Upon her female lover, free and clear.

My Bible says that cannot be,
This is Abomination
there stirred within my heart of hearts,
I live in a 'Sodom' nation.

Man thinks the Law that God declares,
no longer fits our station,
Man can change and arrange God's Chairs,
Rejecting, Godly Domination.

My heart sings out in agony,
So many souls, now lost,
Faith through Jesus, sets us free,
Many won't count, rejection's cost.

The time of Tribulation, 'Great,'
Be knocking at the door,
Choice made by man, determines 'Fate,'
We be 'Saved,' or 'Satan's whore.'

The Trumpet call is blaring, loud,
Prophetic Signs, abound,
Repent, and seek Jesus in the cloud,
Or in Heaven, be never found.

Those who accept, what God does not,
Christ Jesus, they'll refuse;
And Face the gate, where Flames burn Hot,
Eternal Torment, As, only, you choose.

God doesn't judge His people, No,
Each determines their own fate,
God provides which place we go,
Choose Wise, before too late.

Folks may think me unforgiving,
Politically incorrect,
They think there is an option living,
So, Christianity they reject;

God says that we should walk away,
From those who live Abomination,
Islam says to Kill them All, so they,
Can purify their Satanation.

Refuse to see truth, then we must vent,
From the Wilderness, cry: You MUST REPENT!


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