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Old Mans Confession

Posted Thursday, December 15, 2011, at 11:37 PM

What breath I have left, let it sound the shofar, to alert my dear God, I am True, Without a blemish, through His Holy Blood, with enough left over for you.
Old Mans Confession

By Arley Steinhour 121511

I am well, as He determines I be,

with my penchant of feeling sorry for me,

My body is tired, and my heart skips a few,

but that's normal when I think of you.

Remember my love on this Christmas season,

Keep it surrounding all of you, with His love,

I am so looking forward to graduation,

I'm constantly looking for Him, up above.

There is little, I have, for this mortality,

My body has run out of miles, of late

So, please don't expect me to make you see,

I can't die, but can, only, graduate.

I was of the deep understanding,

That the Rapture would take me away,

Perhaps that was me just grandstanding,

And, He's scheduled me for an earlier day.

What-ever His Will, it be Done,

Tribulation stands clear, soon to be,

For I am his son, only one,

When this world is upside down, yessiree.

Please tell you Mom, that I love her,

I never stopped, through all that time,

I now need to focus on His cover,

Any day, for me, would be fine.

Don't know where I missed, on my calling,

Perhaps I was blinder than thought,

Like a tree in the forest, that's falling,

There's silence if a hearer is naught.

Only God knows, if I'm His, or a Tare,

He'll let me know, when I'm Home,

At Bema Judgment I'll be standing there,

Do I fly, or be sent to Satan's home.

Some say I am lost if in doubt,

Some say, only He knows the score,

I only know, that I'd like to shout,

As He signals me 'Right,' to His door.


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