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Casting Praise

Posted Thursday, December 15, 2011, at 5:46 PM

Behold the King, who will rule the earth, for a thousand years, and more. His First reception, went not well, but His second coming, will be another story.
Casting Praise
By Arley Steinhour 121511

What a wonderful day, to wake in the morn,
With you on my heart and mind,
Beats grouchy waking, all full of scorn,
Joyous, I greet you in-kind.

I turned off my Bible, that teaches all night,
I ponder the truths I recall,
Subliminal teaching is subconscious flight,
Wish I could remember it all.

So, here I lay, in my own lazy way,
No sunlight outside of my window,
Prepared to enjoy this wonderful day,
Soon as my head is off my Pillow.

Dear Father God, you know my routine,
Like so many millions, It's focused on you,
As we raise in the morning before sun is seen,
We offer Praise to our Father, so true.

Breakfast completed, an hour gone by,
Pancake and egg, sunny side shining,
It's off to the office to talk about you,
To any who'll listen to my praise-opining.

Some days, when there's nobody there,
Or they're home, but not listening to me,
I share with the air, off to where I don't care,
I know, you're there with them, for me.

There soon comes a day, when old folk like me,
With our wrinkles, and thin graying hair,
Won't be right there, when they finally can see,
They're surrounded by the wisdom, we share.

That dim light we offer, may show them the way,
As they look very hard for the answers so clear,
You have been there beside them, every day,
With their Repentance, You remove all their fear.

The day seems to be waning, sun setting soon,
It took me a while, this Praise to complete,
With my time-outs, stumbles and mumbles,
I cast this praise poem, with love at your feet.


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