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Holy Blessing

Posted Tuesday, December 13, 2011, at 7:49 PM

Keep your feet dry, and your hair well trimmed, if you want to look good in the paper. Taking the right lane, when 'racing' without Him, gets you banned for trying this caper.
Holy Blessing

By Arley Steinhour 121311

Today was quite a day, dear lord,

Frosty, foggy, white ground cover, day,

My Handy-man here, to fix a board,

Me on my P C, with plenty to say.

E-mails forwarded, almost twenty,

Faith discussion, Rapture, yes or no,

Four, donation solicitation, a plenty,

Forgot lunch, with so much on the go.

I Praised you as I woke up, late,

I'm surprised I could sleep till Ten,

Your blessings help me to create,

To your Glory, when I 'take up Pen.'

I'm told I need Tongues to speak,

To show I'm Reborn with Holy Spirit,

And if I can't Pray in unknown cheek,

I'm told Heaven won't let me near it.

Is it possible, by chance, you gave,

I somehow missed the catch,

And I'll forever be Satan's slave,

If unknown Tongues I cannot hatch?

I know you are, God and Savior, mine,

I repent my wayward life, and ways,

You've saved my life, time after time,

I long to be with you, through eternal days.

Someone doesn't know the rules,

To tell another that they aren't 'Saved,'

For not having 'Tongues' speaking tools,

Award from Holy Spirit, if He staved

For Sixty years, penning poetry, I had no time,

Listening to my banter, like swallowing a pill,

On a Forum blog, one day, my typing took on rhyme,

Since then, Praising in Poetry, has been my skill.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for the Blessing you gave me.

I try so very hard to speak my part,

Poetic Praise, to God on High, could be,

My 'Tongues' you use to reach another's heart.


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