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Blessing of Christmas

Posted Monday, December 12, 2011, at 12:55 PM

Let our hearts be lit, as a town lit for Christmas, though we can never match the light that He brought us, the Light of Eternal Life.
Blessing of Christmas

By Arley Steinhour 121211

Santa's suit is Red and White,

Jesus wore plain drab Gray,

Santa delivers presents by night,

Jesus turns night into Day.

Santa delivers, a toy once a year,

Jesus does all Sin dismiss,

Santa fills the heart with cheer,

Jesus makes us Eternally His.

Santa rewards the good in man's way,

Jesus kept busy forgiving the Sin,

Santa, all year to plan for one day,

Jesus, one day on Cross, so we win.

Santa smiles at lines of kids coming to him,

Jesus cries that no one steps inside,

Santa's sleigh rings with bells, sleek and trim,

Jesus waits until time to go snatch His Bride.

There's nothing wrong with Santa's life,

There's everything Right with Jesus' death,

Santa helps us through this Mortal strife,

Jesus stops death from taking our breath.

We can have them both for Christmas,

There need only one thing do,

Before Santa, put Jesus, His birth, is Christ-Mass,

Salvation, the Best Gift, for me and for you.

So, Repent, to Jesus, for all of your sins,

He will forgive, taking you to his breast,

Then Jesus and Santa will be double wins,

For Eternity, you will be His, fully Blessed.


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