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Feeling Bad to Better

Posted Sunday, December 11, 2011, at 8:12 PM

The land if not quaking is surly leaking, and the bugs are getting mean, The people are shaking, some even quaking, From them, Repentance, God yet hasn't seen. (Matt 20:1-15)
Feeling Bad to Better
By Arley Steinhour 121111

The Bible has a lot to say,
About what I believe, is 'today,'
Where war, pestilence, and quakes, abound,
A One-World Government, may 'need be found.'

Leadership creating 'Change,' all day,
Will Tax away almost all our pay,
'Constitution,' a bygone word,
'Liberty,' is no more heard.

'Correctness,' now, the proper phrase,
Incarceration for those, who disobeys,
We, who be military veteran,
As 'fighters,' a more deadly plan;

Terrorists, we now may be called,
With Rights to Justice totally stalled,
Disappearing from sight, left and right,
No one sees us go, must be at night.

I could rant the whole day long,
With many still saying, 'nothing wrong;'
There's nothing left need that be done,
For Snatching the Bride, of the Holy One.

If you've never, the Bible, have read,
You may not understand what I've said,
Those, 'Left Behind,' more than half will die,
From Pestilence, War, and Plague, no lie.

I want to shout and cry; and to laugh out loud,
For those Left behind; and for the Rapture crowd;
Be I right, and smart, or wrong, and a Fool,
I'll spend the rest of my life, under the Golden Rule.


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