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Christmas Gift from Us to You

Posted Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at 9:08 PM

On the mountain of Transfiguation, the Apostles came to recognize, Jesus Is the light, and The Way, To anyone who Jesus, does recognise.
Christmas Gift from Us to You

By Arley Steinhour 120611

How many Christmas seasons, have we celebrated you,

How many tears of joy, have our eyes shed,

How long it took, for us to see, it's not the things we do,

It's our Faith in you, that fills our heart, and head.

We use the Christmas Season, to celebrate your birth,

Two Thousand years ago, and more, we count,

The Word of God, does full redeem us, from the flaming hearth,

You paid the price, for sins we can't surmount.

This Christmas season, is just like Chanukah,

Celebrating New Peace on Earth,

Prayerful silence needed, for us to Schema,

Lest we miss the cries of your Birth.

As we watch the news, and choices choose,

We hear your word ring clear,

Sing Praise to God, and Faith not lose,

Soon we hear Your 'Come Up Here'.

Love to friends and family,

Invitation to those in doubt,

In hope that we can be truly free,

With you In Heaven, we Praise and shout.

The Throne room is so brightly lit,

The light flowing from your face,

Mansions built by you, a perfect fit,

Not too much, or little, space.

Reward you give to those who in you live,

Redeeming price you've paid,

There's nothing in return that we could give,

When mortality is staid.

The number's not important,

Only Praise and Love ring true,

Eternally as a Family transplant,

Brothers, and Sisters, in Love, with You.


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