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Shofar Sounded Loudly

Posted Monday, December 5, 2011, at 10:27 PM

Standing tall, blowing hard, the Shofar starts to wail, There, upon the yonder hill, Stands Death, stark and pale. Ignore the call, to close the line, only if you dare, Events that come with morning light, glows Red, upon our hair.
Shofar Sounded Loudly

By Arley Steinhour 120511

I've walked amongst Edenic Trees,

I've smelled the flowers, on my knees,

I even try to understand,

The rhyme and reason, of the land.

I read His word, front to end,

The truth is there, without a bend,

So, why can't any other see,

What's so clear to this me, me?

Some folk want to kill the world,

With many bombs, freely hurled,

Killing any person, unwitting,

Running, or just, sitting, knitting.

Those hating people look at us,

Even when we ride a bus,

Wonder how to blow it up,

With plastic bomb, or Nitro-cup.

They say it is to make us pure,

Belong to their god, to be sure,

that all we need do to go to heaven,

Is kill non-believers, six or seven.

Our press, says, we're in the wrong,

If we don't quit, before very long,

Their god will send a killing crew,

to eliminate both me and you.

The only way that we can be free,

Pay tax to them, on bended knee,

Oh, not to their god, no-sir, what rot,

But to any, of them, that hate our lot.

Social Slave, that's what we will be,

Bowing to all of them, never free,

Without a leg, to stand legally on,

We'd be slaves to them, from then-on.

Don't look around too far, my friend,

Their just ahead, around the bend,

Islam, Muslim, choose a name,

Deception of faith is their game.

Two things they hate, plus many more,

Jews, and Christians, to start counting the score,

The other religions, that dot the land,

They feel they can finish, out of hand.

With Christians, and Jew, erased from reciting,

Mention that to them, and things become exciting,

If we don't stand up, to them, right now,

We won't go far, pulling a plow.

So ponder and pray, what say you today,

Do you stand and be counted or simply play,

Do we wait till the headsman, takes our measure,

And we lose Jesus Christ, our Christian Treasure?

His Will, be done. AMEN

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