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Posted Thursday, December 1, 2011, at 7:46 PM

Abraham, started it all, by not waiting for his God-given Son. Too bad, it seems since Ishmael fathered so many who would hate Israel. Some of you may be from the Ten Lost Tribes, and soon will know, you are one of those from Israel, and do need to know where to go. R E P E N T !
By Arley Steinhour 120111

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
I'm nothing but a worm.
Four thousand years, they've hated me,
They think I'm nothing but a germ.

My Fathers son, from concubine,
Raised many tribes, this one to hate,
Though I try to live like columbine,
Our good, they Hate, Berate.

They give no recognition,
No quarter in the fight,
If they could quell sedition,
Everything would be all right.

Father of my Father, has truly Prophesied,
Events we see, be like travail,
Where 'Mighty men have 'Cried,''
Through Tribulation, full prevail.

The 'Haters,' are so numerous,
My people, very few,
But, on they come, to kill us,
'Doing God, a favor,' too.

They think we stole their birthright,
They think of us as Dogs,
Not knowing they serve Satan's light,
Which makes them burnable as logs.

If only they could see the truth,
Turn from their hate-filled way,
We could all worship Yehweh-GOD,
As Brothers, for Eternal Day.

Somewhere there are ten more Tribes,
To make my form be filled,
Veil of blindness, to lift it sides,
Gods people Spirit Filled.

Messiah, rides His White Horse,
With Angels close behind,
To straighten out mankind's course,
And give sight to the Blind.

Every soul will see His Light,
No matter who their Parent,
Swords to Shares, at Smithy Right,
And WAR, to be Abhorrent.

My name be, if you've not deduced,
Was given to the man called Jacob,
Wrestled through the night, with Jesus,
Call US, ISRAEL, not Jacob.

Soon, so soon, the story ends,
The good and bad will be Good,
A Thousand years He'll rule His friends,
Till everything is Perfect, and Understood.


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