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Heavy Load

Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2011, at 10:57 AM

Weight like rocks, weight like feathers, sometimes fluffy snow, Burdens of my love for you, gets much lighter when you know. Thanks, Lord.
Heavy Load
By Arley Steinhour 113011

It's not my age that slows me down,
More, the heavy heart I carry,
A double load makes me laugh and frown,
It seems, dear Lord, you Tarry.

The warning signs, you gave to us,
War, Rumor, Storm, and Quake,
All happening, with weight of Bus,
Many dying, for your Name-sake.

'You do not know the day, nor hour,'
You said, as fact, or maybe clue,
We're told, by you, to man watch tower,
So you find us doing as we should do.

You also say, you do not 'ordain,'
Your Faithful, Born again in You,
To suffer Tribulation Pain,
If we Love like you, we're True.

Your enemy, seems in Full View,
Their Hatred, speaks quite clear,
Reaction is to fight them, for you,
But your word warns, lend an ear.

There's very little, yet to see,
Tribulation doors are all ajar,
Less and less, Your people be Free,
Martyrs, many, arriving where you are.

We lift our hearts, and trust to you,
There's little left for us, on earth,
Except to meet you in the blue,
Your Bride, filled with nuptial mirth.

The load don't seem so heavy now,
Fretting never has saved one day,
Your love lifts the weight somehow,
Even with this load, we lovingly can say:

"Are you ready yet??"

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