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Simple Truth

Posted Saturday, November 26, 2011, at 11:03 PM

OK, so I'm not this young, but my heart feels like it is, And anyone who might think not, don't know Coke from Fiz. Now, figure out which one it is:
Simple Truth
By Arley Steinhour 112611

I offer up a prayer today,
That you will come take us away,
Away from all this hate and crime,
And this world, with No More Time.

Dear God, our people have gone insane,
So many act like they have no brain,
They cry to you, that Right is Wrong,
It seems that none can get along.

Those of us, in Love with you,
are pushed aside, and out of pew,
Not welcome in the Social order,
Alien within our own Faith border.

Our Government, does speak of 'Change,'
Slavery, the answer, now that's strange,
'Freedom, not acceptable;'
'Of the People,' a bunch of 'Bull?'

We read your word, most every day,
Holy Spirit clarifies, what you say,
Yet, so many preachers don't agree,
They teach, you say 'two,' but mean three.

What I see, you'll be here most any day,
As the Bridegroom, to Snatch away,
Your loving Bride, your reborn tribe,
Christians all, personified.

We watch the sky, knowing you don't lie,
It won't be long, before we fly,
Meeting you at a nearby cloud,
Gathering, your Un-numbered crowd.

We're talked about, as 'before the throne,'
Without number, means we're not alone,
Singing and Praising, How Great you Be,
God's Lamb, and Lion, married to me.

To let you know our Love for you,
Eternal, and so Greatly True,
I wish I knew the words to say,
Fantastic words to make your day,

But To you, on high, our every Praise,
If possible, Heaven's roof to Raise,
But, alas, I fear, my mortal mind,
has words to say, that I can't find.

So please, dear Jesus, look inside,
At the words, my love can't hide,
Words I'd love to send to you,
Up through the sky, with love so true.


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