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Christmas Reason

Posted Tuesday, November 22, 2011, at 12:00 PM

He stepped out of His Throne Room, to be 'Emmanuel,' to Tabernacle with His creation, man, so man would, after His mortality, and sacrifice of His new mortal life, have avenue for Salvation, from a price man could never be qualified to pay, except through God Incarnate, Immanuel/Jesus. AMEN
Christmas Reason
By Arley Steinhour 112211

It's OK, to say Merry Christmas,
It's OK, to cast a smile,
Praise God before you eat breakfast,
and through the day, walking your 'mile.'

The season is now upon us,
Thanks-giving, for what He gave,
Then, in a month, it's Christmas,
for Him, born, the world to save.

What do we do at Thanksgiving,
Is this, and Christmas the same?
Thanksgiving, for where we're living,
Christmas, His Name and Fame.

God gave us a wonderful Country,
Filled it with people of every color,
Freedom for Poor, as for Gentry,
Pursuit of happy, shore to shore.

Christmas to us, be God given,
Jesus, God's Son, Heaven-sent,
To Pay the price, Sin forgiven,
When through Him, we repent.

The season need be full of joy,
Our Love for God's people, intent,
Praising the Birth of God's only Boy,
In Him, forgiven, and be Heaven-bent.

With God's light in our face,
Not shiny bulbs, of the season,
Or accepting, debt filled, disgrace,
Jesus must be back in His Holy Place,
Our, 'Christmas Reason'


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