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Ode to my Cousin

Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2011, at 12:52 PM

In our love for you we have Grieved, We freinds and family left behind, Your Graduation and Reception received, Overwhelms, with 'Peace of Heart, and Mind.'
In Memory to my Cousin, who graduated to Jesus, after complications of surgery.

Ode to my Cousin

Karen Ewing Coomber

by Arley Steinhour 111511

You are now there, with youth to spare,

Your lips Praising God, Pure Revival;

First thing that you, wanted to share,

'A hug from Jesus,' on arrival.

In the time since then, we can only guess,

You ran a race, hugged a bee, climbed a tree,

Danced for Jesus, all Heaven to bless,

With your newfound, Ability.

Your Crown, of Gold, and Precious Stone,

Sparkles from Light, of God upon His Throne,

You chuckle at the thought, of needing your phone,

To call family to say, they're not alone.

You've had no pain, nor cried a tear,

Since receiving Jesus', warm, welcome Hug,

Sadness no more, just joyous cheer,

You be happy as 'Bug in a Rug.'

We know you are busy, with things there to do,

Reacquainting with ages of kin,

You leaving, reminds us of something so true,

Only in Jesus can we be, with you and with Him.


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