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Motivation to Salvation

Posted Sunday, November 13, 2011, at 3:34 PM

Keep your Heart and Eyes on the Master, so you won't sink, Lose your faith, or look away, you may have a lot to drink.
Motivation to Salvation
By Arley Steinhour 111311

*Time wears on so slowly,
When you must fight a War,
But slips by, oh so quickly,
When the other guy has the chore.

*Libya took Eight months to fight,
Iraq, Eight years and more,
You'd think that we would see the light,
The longest was the 'Cold' non-'War.'

*Before a Hundred years ago,
War was addressed as 'each,'
Then cars and planes began to roll,
War went plural, with numbers out of reach.

*Today, there must be Twenty-five,
Just guessing, there may be more,
War makes it hard to stay alive,
Doing the barn-yard chores.

*I think the cows and sheep are armed,
I'm sure the horses have R P Gs,
Everyone lives in such alarm,
They'll shoot you, if you sneeze.

*Everything that once was Legal,
Is now against the Laws,
Worse than that, all that was Regal,
Is shattered with Condemnation Flaws.

*The World must turn to Jesus,
Mankind has gone insane,
Before we all fall to pieces,
And God's Wrath is Fiery Rain.

*Repentance is the only Path,
In Jesus, only, can we hide,
Saved in Him will Stay God's Wrath,
As we're a part of Jesus' Bride.


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