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Truth Leads to Choice

Posted Sunday, November 13, 2011, at 11:50 AM

As New Born Lambs of God, the only Way we need to know, Is our Faith in Jesus, to have an Eternal Home to grow. No other Path, or Way exists, to the Father of mankind, Thus, Focus on the Son of God, will leave Satan Far Behind. Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN
Truth Leads to Choice

By Arley Steinhour 111311

*The world spun once, to make yesterday,

As it did the day before,

Today is Eventing the same old way,

Except for harbingers of War.

*It seems there is a Way of Life,

That would Rule the World,

Creating Hostile kinds of Strife,

As Flag of Hatred is unfurled.

*Hostile events stab like a spear,

Adding to dangers, each day,

Good Folk start to wonder "Is God here,

In control, or totally Gone Away?"

Satan is having a 'Hay-Day,'

Playing the Scripture Twisting game,

Many are seemingly losing their way,

They've quit using God's Holy Name.

Oh, most have not truly rejected Him,

'God will return someday,'

Others say God don't exist, for them,

They may have a Great Price to pay.

*God truly loves all humanity,

Loves and Owns us, everyone,

Sent Son to Pay, Redemption price, Free,

'A Gift,' for Faith, in His Only Son.

*He is the Way, the Light, the Life,

We need but open heart to Him,

Be free of Satan's hate and strife,

In Heaven, with Him, singing Hymns.

*Join us with Him, Up There,

Repenting your Sinful Ways,

So you won't go 'Elsewhere,'

Where there's only Tormenting Days.


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