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Thanksgiving Pet

Posted Friday, November 11, 2011, at 3:33 PM

No photo's of my Pet do I have, just vivid memory, of riding on his great big back, beneath Black Berry Tree.
Thanksgiving Pet
By Arley Steinhour 111111

We three kids, wheren't too old,
We had a pet and friend,
Feathers kept him from getting cold,
And he bristled end to end.

*His tail would make a great fan,
When Summer weather was too hot,
He'd stomp, and fluff, and gobble,
At anything that moved, a lot.

*We gave him a name, not too hard,
'Tom,' stood quite big and tall,
No one entered our back yard,
Lest they get backed up to a wall.

*We three kids, he loved like a dog,
No one messed with us,
He weighed as much as hard wood log,
As a horse, he was big as a bus.

*We all took turns at riding,
not long, with threesome hoard,
When willing, Tom sidled up to us,
And nudged, till we climbed on board.

*His favorite place was just under,
our giant Blackberry tree,
He gobbled up the berries that fell,
And grew faster than even me.

*One day in November, Tom disappeared,
We three, did search and search,
All we could find were feathers,
Tom was gone, though we prayed in Church.

*Thanksgiving became tomorrow,
It wasn't easy to look forward to that day,
Oh, we knew that we'd eat Turkey,
No one would dare kill Tom that way.

*Thanksgiving day upon us,
Festivities galore,
Grandma cooking up a feast,
Like she'd always done before.

*Family from Wyoming,
was coming to help us dine,
Fantastic meal cooked and warming,
We three would be served water/wine.

*Without remembering everything,
I cut to life long memory,
On the table, a giant bird,
We three had immediate misery.

*Only one bird in the Nation,
could be as big as that,
Tom was the meal creation,
We three became one brat.

*Wailing, howling, deafening shriek,
We even stomped as we screamed,
You've never seen the likes of us,
Killing Tom was unforgivable, it seemed.

*That was the first Thanksgiving,
We three refused to eat,
The next day we were starving,
Grandma fed us, in our defeat.

*If you ever buy a Turkey,
And you raise it up to eat,
Don't ever Love, or make it a pet,
Or you'll know complete defeat.


This is a childhood memory,
that I really have,
It took many years to forgive,
Only Jesus had the salve.

When we finally did eat of him, let me tell you, Blackberry fed Turkey is the tastiest Turkey meat in the world, bar none. Yeee-Haaa!!!, but I still felt like a cannibal, for years. Tom was about eighteen months old, and dressed out at over seventy-five pounds. Grandma and Grandpa had to rig up a wood fired oven in the back yard, and cook Tom in a wash-tub (well scrubbed tub, lie soap don't digest too well) Ha
We ate Turkey 'everything,' for almost a month. (*Grandma could make anything*)


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