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Letter to Islam

Posted Friday, November 11, 2011, at 10:57 AM

This is what our people face, in this country, or other place, The Moderate don't wear a mask, Lie to us no more, is all we ask.
Letter to Islam

by Arley Steinhour 111111

Dear Islam,

*I take my mind and heart in hand,

To speak through fingertip,

To say that I am fed up,

With those of lying lip.

*'Your moderate, of faith,' you shrill,

'You love your Christian neighbor,'

When Imam Twelve tells you to 'kill,'

Trigger finger, becomes your savior.

*Those of us who called you friend,

Will someday be your target,

The book on which you do depend,

says kill everyone, who refuse it.

*We pray that you will see where you err,

Love lives nowhere in your book,

Only in the living Jesus Christ,

Can you Find Love, if you'll just look.

*Even though we sometimes fail,

To state how we all should feel,

We too, are only mortal human,

Love is the proper seal.

*'You need love others, to succeed,'

Jesus tells us, one and all,

'Widow, and Homeless, we need feed,'

On Him we all must call.

*He says to turn the other cheek,

When ever we're struck in face,

Retaliation is not meek,

And should never be in place.

*It isn't easy to not slap back,

as we turn the 'other cheek,'

Jesus doesn't say quite what to do,

You might learn if we are not meek.

*The time is very close at hand,

Where Imam makes his move,

Imam Twelve will dance right in,

To make you fit his groove.

*I truly do not hate you,

nor, do I love you, but I must,

I cannot hate out of the blue,

I'll love the best I can, or bust.

*I pray God Snatches up His Bride,

As Bridegroom comes to save our day,

Imam twelve comes like Tsunami tide,

Until Eternal Torment, he must pay.


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And Amen. Islam is a religion of hatred and death. No wonder it's the fastest growing religion in the world.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Fri, Nov 11, 2011, at 11:29 PM

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