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Kingdom Next at Bat

Posted Wednesday, November 9, 2011, at 6:17 PM

Couldn't find a Baseball player, wanting to join their team. But, then, I didn't look very far. (^8
Kingdom Next at Bat
By Arley Steinhour 110911

*Dear Father God, you are the Boss,
I have a Word Well dry as a bone,
Sitting here, no 'T's' to cross,
Please pick up the phone.

*Most of the time, when I type,
You and I, make one great team,
You provide the Words that Rhyme,
And I provide the finger steam.

*You help me when I'm praying,
You help me when I wail,
You help me when I'm straying,
You keep me on your narrow trail.

*The world is filled with trouble,
I know that you know why,
Most people run and stumble,
Too many fall and die.

*The time is almost over,
The sky is getting dark,
Can't find a field of clover,
Bright call gone from meadow lark.

*The sky is bright, with rockets flame,
Israel quickly gets the Blame,
Gangs of thugs, committing murder,
Of folks, with Jew or Christian name,

*The killers swear they're the victim,
From a people filled with hate,
Hate Freedom's Democratic system,
But, swear Sharia law is great.

*Right is wrong, and wrong is right,
is their Anti-Social attitudes,
Peace is out, they want to fight,
Justified, by insane platitudes.

*Come soon, Dear Lord, to close this time,
Let your Prophecy control the days,
Knowing that all will soon be fine,
When Jesus starts His Kingdom Ways.


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