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Posted Sunday, November 6, 2011, at 6:57 PM

The Thunder rolled around the Sky; Did God, alone need Wail, Or, did the Angels also Cry, As we were redeemed, from Satan's Jail?
Angel Ponder
By Arley Steinhour 110611 (mod 110616

A Ponder, that I have come to mind,
Every once in a while,
May have an answer, I can't find,
So, ponder is kept on file.

'How did the mighty Angels feel,
When ordered to Stay-Back,
As Jesus let Death bite His heel,
Putting our 'Life-Train' back on track.'

He hung on Cross, as Sacrifice,
Suffered Lashing, Nails, and Pain,
Death pays complete Redemption price,
Did Angel's tears fall like rain?

Jesus said, if He spoke one word,
Twelve Legions of Angels would come,
But still that word was never heard,
The mighty Angels watched frozen Numb

The pain they felt, just standing there,
Must have torn their hearts to shreds,
For man, God died in great despair,
Angels could but bow their heads.

Someday, when Time is no longer,
From an Angel, or maybe God,
The answer to my sometimes Ponder,
A smile, a 'Howdy,' or an head-nod?

Mortal minds are filled with blather,
compared to what Angels know,
But, with Eternity to gather,
We'll know all, we need to know.


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