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Old Folks Understand

Posted Friday, November 4, 2011, at 1:10 PM

Think this is bad? I fell asleep three times typing the poem. Ha.
Old Folks Understand
By Arley Steinhour 110411

Christians should know how to die,
But, Aging scares us plumb to death,
Graduation, fly or die.
Hard-thinking takes away our breath.

To the part we should know, no need to go,
The slow part, need pay attention to,
Bones and muscles, fade so slow,
Yet, Over-night, can't tie a shoe.

The world looks kind of funny,
Blurred, and hazy white,
Was that a deer, or just a bunny,
That just flashed through my sight?

Fingers, once rock-steady,
you'd think Masseuse would own,
Jiggle, and wiggle, at the ready,
But, can't find a muscle to tone.

Sitting on the floor is easy,
Some would call it falling,
If nothing breaks, we got dizzy,
The Doctor we're not calling.

With age, we smile much better,
When we see a long-lost friend,
'So glad to chat,' the banter,
If names were money, we've nothing to spend.

A line of pills, each morning,
Fuel us up to survive the day,
Retrieve teeth from jar by Corning,
So eggs and bacon don't get away.

Pills taken, food fresh eaten,
Dust off crumbs, and square lapel,
Another night we've soundly beaten,
God's gift, Ring the blessing bell.


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