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A Rambling Ponder

Posted Wednesday, November 2, 2011, at 5:58 PM

Determined as a Duck may be, like me it cannot fly, Until everything is set aright, and then we say By-By.
A Rambling Ponder
By Arley Steinhour 110111 (Mod 110216

*Now and then, I have a thought,
that needs be written down,
Something that will bring a smile,
or once in a while a frown.

Thoughts that need considering,
before they fade away,
If I don't get it written down,
there is naught to say.

*I have a very short time,
to get it on the record,
Or else my mind will lose it all,
patterns become checkered.

It stirs them up, and throws them out,
that is what it's doing,
I am pondering, what I want to say,
no time left for chewing.

*Thoughts, about Christianity,
maybe being gone,
Elenin the comet,
maybe tag along,

Some thought it could be part
of Prophetic fame,
Some thought that those thinkers
brought Christian 'Shame.'

*NASA said it 'self-destroyed,'
the sun just tore it up.
Ironically, they didn't say,
why the Sun didn't 'suck it up'

Flying in sync with
Mercury's orbit path,
It came as close as it could,
to Suns Fire-Wrath.

*Energy of plasma just
smacked it in the face,
Elenin sent to La, La, Land,
nothing left to erase.

Many folk, thought NASA lied,
myself included here,
Most folk, read the NASA news,
and gave a great big Cheer.

*I had a feeling, there was more
than could meet the eye,
Elenin, just not being there,
required something in the sky.

Still, there is a Brown Dwarf sun,
that is long overdue,
Possibly another sign,
to concern both me and you.

*A young man said this morning,
on a site that I tuned in....
Coincidence is just 'too great,
without 'this having to do with 'Him.' ...

Now there's something that I know,
that 'Him' is God on High,
Fixing things to send tribulation on,
before too many die.

*Well folks, I don't know what to say,
Chicken Little has lots of friends,
I just might be one of them,
scare-de-cats are like book-ends.

Telling folk, this may be Gentile's end,
words no one wants to see,
With all of this, I must say,
It don't quite fit, Bible Prophecy.

*Fall Feasts of god, now complete,
without any happenstance,
Until first part of November,
'The End' still had a chance.

Everybody was so wrong,
NASA told the truth , ha,
Worst thing happening was,
"Spring song," Bru-ha too.

*The movie called '2012,'
though secular in design,
Clipped in a little Christian faith,
to make it look divine.

Tweaking the mind, with events,
some say no one will ever see;
They be so very, very, wrong,
just check 'Disaster History.

*Liquefaction is the word,
dirt turns to seismic sea,
Like in water, all sink out of sight,
houses, trees, plus, you and me,

Even with buoyant jacket on,
we sink into dirt and die;
God takes a hand, then we see,
He would never Lie.

*Five Billion folk, plus, will die,
or Raptured, just disappear,
That is a lot of holes to dig,
not for Christians, we won't be here.

Much to 'Chew,' upon the platter,
to ponder the flavor, with mind;
Watch the sky, spend time on knees,
lest you be Left Behind.

*Turn to Jesus, lift eyes and arms,
give your heart to him,
Only in Christ Jesus, can God we see,
and Heaven live within.

'The father and I are one,' (I quote),
'seen me, seen father,' One, the Other;'
Repent, Rebirth, Baptism, and you'll be,
an Adopted, Sister, or Brother.


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