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Storm Before the Calm

Posted Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 11:56 AM

Coming this direction, Storm Cloud on yonder hill, No system for deflection, Soon we swallow Bitter-Pill.
Storm Before the Calm
By Arley Steinhour 103011

*Two Thousand years, Bad Weather,
Seven Years on Earth, Pure Hell,
Millennium of Kingdom, Peace,
Weather forecast, we know well.

*We're wrapping up the Badness,
Get ready for Satan's Spell,
Wheat and Tare Discernment,
Wheat Inherit Heaven, Tare Inherit Hell.

*I've cited now, the easy part,
God's word explains quite well,
Man's Tribulation Experience,
And diverse Harbinger of Hell

*Many people cease to 'Live,'
Throughout that deadly 'Seven,'
Satan having his 'Hay-Day,'
Preventing many from attaining 'Heaven.'

*How can Satan Win the Day;
When did all this start;
Has everybody gone Insane;
Doesn't Jesus have a Heart?

*Pride tells Satan, he 'Can Win,'
He's been trying Six Thousand years,
Refusing Jesus brings on 'Delusion,'
Death and Resurrection, paved 'Salvation Way.'

*We only need accept His Gift,
We must simply Change, Repent,
Following, our LORD, and GOD,
Live In, our Holy Mansion Tent.

*Eternity, with GOD, HIS Gift,
Redemption Price, we can't Repay,
Only Show our Love for HIM,
Receiving, ONE, ...Joyous, ...Eternal, ...DAY...


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