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No More a Weed

Posted Thursday, October 27, 2011, at 1:46 PM

Bride of Christ, Man shall be. Be we Man, or be we Mouse; 'Bride' sounds so very feminine, I wish He'd called us Spouse. :)
No More a Weed
By Arley Steinhour 102711

I ponder quite a bit on love,
How can I qualify?
Jesus hung upon the Cross,
For me, He did gladly die.

Then, looking in the mirror,
I see this fat, old, sinful, man,
Not wanting to see clearer,
How bad I truly am.

I hear a chuckle in my head,
While brushing on my teeth,
'You followed me where you were led,
Though sightless, you had belief.'

Warrior for Jesus, I still be,
Cut the fog with poetic word,
Praising God, so blind can see,
Ears opened, hear His word.

I guess, I'm not a total loss,
Jesus is proud of me,
Reborn, I am no longer dross,
In His service, I'm truly free.

Come join me through eternity,
If you haven't yet joined the team,
Refuse Him, you'll be a casualty,
Eternity, in nightmare dream.

Only Jesus offers Redemptive Love,
We only need accede,
Faith locks our answer with Him above,
And no more be we a weed.


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