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Waking up 101611

Posted Sunday, October 16, 2011, at 10:35 AM

Soon, we won't have dark of night, after darkness 'flees away,' Only bright and God filled day, where all creation can safely play.
Waking Up 101611

By Arley Steinhour 101611

I woke up, this morning,

to a world that still was dark,

The Sun, I'm sure, was trying,

But hadn't found the proper arc.

Half an hour flittered by,

Like bird with wind filled wing,

Then saw a Blueness in the sky,

If Spring, the Birds would sing.

The year is in fourth quarter,

Leaves fall softly, without sound,

Winter's freezing, soon in order,

Adding hardness to the ground.

Prayerfully, God I did praise,

Another day was blooming,

Sky so Blue, and full of rays,

Heart-song, began its crooning.

I lay there with a moaning,

Awaiting movement in my legs,

I could soon stop my groaning,

Head off of Taters, and some eggs.

Eating breakfast at my PC,

Doubles up the things I do,

Chat with Christians, across the Sea,

And everywhere, might even chat with you.

Christians, brother and sisters, all,

Support and guidance, we do share,

Keeping hearts strong resisting pall,

Showing unsaved, we love and care.

Filled with food, and Godly love,

Enjoy a day, plumb full of Praise,

Giving and receiving, led from above,

Nothing better to fill one's days.

If you've never tried it,

And want to know what you should do,

Wake up, early in the morning,

Before the dark of night is through;

Raise your arms up toward the ceiling,

Wiggle and squirm, a time or two,

Look past the earthly things like roof,

Even past the sky, soon Blue.

You'll find an Angel waiting,

To guide you through your Praise,

The experience is so rewarding,

You'll want to do it all your days.

Try it, You'll love it,

Just as He Loves you.


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