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Blessing of Salvation

Posted Friday, October 14, 2011, at 10:01 PM

His word comes down, and we graduate to Him, Soon He'll come down for His Bride, and those in Him, has free ride,,, Home. AMEN
Blessing of Salvation
By Arley Steinhour 101411

Let no tear fall from your face,
not so long as you are in the race.
Lift your head, and open eyes,
See the stars, and keep the pace.

Never let old Satan think,
He can make your body stink,
For the blessing are from above,
will keep us covered with Jesus' Love.

Let your love shine like the sun,
Keep your family as one,
Find a way to let heart fly,
For in Jesus, you'll never die.

Oh, Lucifer will sorely wail,
When Jesus lets you out of jail,
Never more to pay the price,
Of sinful ways, that were not nice.

Jesus Christ, the only one,
may you bless us as a son,
All our sins are blown away,
Never more can any stay.

With your blessings from above,
There is nothing left for you, but Love,
Do not ever pull away,
We would never live through that day.

As we turn our hearts to You,
Walk away from sin, we're through,
Seven ways for you to save,
Seven ways, to escape the grave.

With our love for You in hand,
Let us strike up the Jesus Band,
Living Eternally in you,
Never more be, a worn out shoe.


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