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Choice Still Ours

Posted Thursday, October 13, 2011, at 10:33 PM

If we wait too long to pull the cord, or to zig, when we should zag, we can change the face of history, be a hero, or a drag.
Choice Still Ours

By Arley Steinhour 101311

Can you feel it in the Morning

As the Sun peeks into sight,

Can you feel it in the Evening,

When there is no more daylight?

Have you seen the gentle weaving,

Of the branches in the trees,

Have you noticed music cleaving,

To your heart while on your knees?

Is there any solid answer,

To the questions that I ask,

Do we chug along in this world,

And ignore our Heaven task?

Of course, you know the answer,

As it weighs upon your heart,

There is no one, on which, to swear,

But Jesus, who Loved you from the start.

We may resist the calling,

We may not address the strife,

We can plod along, in sinful life,

Refusing to repent, this life.

We can qualify our action,

We can tell Him, we don't care,

We can join the sinful faction,

And become far less than air.

He will shake His head in wonderment,

As we elect the choice of worldly sin,

We can reject the sacrament,

Reject Eternity with Him.

God gave us choice, none other would,

We hold our future in our hand,

We have the power to do as we should,

Or, with Satan, in Hell, be banned.

I cannot tell you how to choose,

Your heart knows the way,

Lift your head and use your nose,

The sweet smell leads the way.

Look for Eternal flowers,

Instead of flaming lake,

Keep the faith with Yahweh, ours,

And Satan's hold, do break,

Through Prayer.


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