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Call to Repent

Posted Monday, October 10, 2011, at 9:46 PM

I have no name that can describe, the horror that lives here, I only know I don't want to know; without Jesus I'd be filled with fear.
Call to Repent

By Arley Steinhour 101011

There's Seven years we're looking at ,

Time seems to move so slow,

Almost like Casey up to bat,

Time can't get up and go.

When I was but a youngster,

Every day with lightning speed,

Seldom had a blister,

I ate so much my nose would bleed.

Today, I have that same old feeling,

Food, soon, will be hard to find,

We can look from floor to ceiling,

Finding little, that we can grind.

Those who see the future hunger,

These are they who store, and save,

Become the target of theft monger,

On the lookout for a Slave.

There are those who see the writing,

as the King saw on the wall,

To survive, engage in fighting,

Against an enemy, serving Satan's call.

Tribulation brings the worst of times,

Those left behind, will rue the day,

Suffering the worst of Hate and crimes,

As Satan has his day of sway.

Remember, brothers and sisters,

Choosing Jesus, 'after' the Snatching away,

Must keep the faith, even though there's blisters,

On the hands, and back; survive that day.

Jesus wants us to be His own,

We must learn who paid the price,

Sinful act must be cast, through the stone,

His death and resurrection must suffice.

God love us all, so very much,

He gave, His only begotten Son,

Perfect in His every way, our crutch,

Repentance saves us, every one.


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