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Fare thee Well

Posted Saturday, October 8, 2011, at 12:09 AM

Retired, Glenda, like the wooden ship, Sets sail for over there. Unto those wondrous souls She'll praise Him, from her Slip, Our Jesus, to them, she will share (As she did, for decades before she retired). She will be with her students, until she is welcomed home to Jesus, I do believe, she loves them so much.
Fare Thee Well

By Arley Steinhour 100711

Have you ever seen a sunrise,

with a sun so crisp and bright,

Your mind enjoyed complete surprise,

after sleeping through the night.

Then to hear the Robin singing,

ore a nest brim full of eggs,

Pride sends that Robin winging,

For the good worms, never dregs.

Then a bee in search of pollen,

Flies right by as day warms up,

Looking for that flower from Heaven,

On which his Queen shall Sup.

The Sun is lifting quickly,

from horizon into sky,

Nothing here, can be sickly,

To say that would be a lie.

God gave this day to revel in,

To Praise Him from here below,

Attempting to live without a sin,

So Your Love for Him He'll know.

I sent a tiny poem

to a sister, all should love,

Missioning to Taiwan

As she's guided from above;

The words to Sister, Glenda,

She is the sharing kind,

I share with you, agenda

I know she wouldn't mind.

" Baruch Atah Achoth, Glenda.

May your Sail be filled with strong breeze,

And enjoy a following sea.

May your venture back to Taiwan,

Be as pleasant as can be.

May your health be just as strong as,

Your faith in who we Praise,

And may all your ventures bless you,

Sharing Jesus all your days.

I'll see you on the up-swing,

when the Bridegroom comes for Bride,

And maybe even fly beside,

When we take that Rapture ride. "

May she be blessed, May you be blessed,

This sister, one of a kind,

Half way round the world she goes

To be the one I have in mind,

We need Love her, as our family,

Good sister love, Is hard to find.


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