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Mumble Jumble Praise

Posted Wednesday, October 5, 2011, at 8:49 PM

I ran away, I fought the fight, <> Until I was swallowed whole; <> Then, I was able to see the light, <> As fish barfed me from stinking hole. AMEN
Mumble Jumble Praise
By Arley Steinhour 100511

Around the world, I've chased a few,
Moon-beams, strong and bold,
Each one I saw seemed brand new,
Looking for the Pot of Gold.

It almost took a lifetime,
I had blisters raw and sore,
Fingernails so full of grime,
Couldn't find the treasure door.

I finally reeled in my hook,
Designed to snag the Load,
More Green bait, is what it took,
Until Debt forced me off that road.

I figured out the problem,
That wasn't very hard,
I had no 'killer instinct,'
Answer 'No,' gave no reward.

You had a different vision,
For what I was to do,
Slowly you were training me,
To be true to you.

I know not why you touched me,
All the times you saved my life,
You could have let me slink away,
To a life of debt and strife;

I woke up one fine morning,
Knowing you'd chipped the dross away,
Sunlight worth enjoying,
Sin was gone, no debt to pay.

My debt was paid, so long ago,
As you hung upon that Cross,
Sweetness in my life did flow,
Only you could absorb my loss.

Today, I rise and start my day,
Heart sings with Master's play,
In my heart you'll always stay,
Until the 'Unpayable,' I can pay.

(I do so love that Eternal debt)


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