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Last Tear

Posted Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at 9:51 PM

May there be a clap like thunder, As He calls His Bride to Self, Leaving none who loves Him, behind, and on a shelf. AMEN
Last Tear

By Arley Steinhour 100411

I do not know the direction,

Let's just say, 'Up in the sky,'

Do I leave, with no detection,

Do I quickly learn to fly?

Does my Savior sound a Trumpet,

Do I hear the Angel call,

Is the change in person instant,

Will I notice that at all?

Will I notice who's beside me,

Will I only look straight ahead,

Will I wonder if I'm dressed to see,

Will I look like I've been in bed?

Will I have a full new head of hair,

Will my mouth have all its teeth,

Will my vision, once again, be there,

Will I have focus on what's beneath?

In my mind are questions screaming,

In my head, no answers to compare,

I'll have answers newly streaming,

Popping up most everywhere.

All the questions, that I wonder,

Find the answers as we fly,

Answers fill the head like thunder,

Grinning greatly, as we lift into the sky.

Oh, the answer always be the same,

Every time I wonder what and why,

Yet, I know His Holy Name,

Flying Home I shed the last tear, that I'll cry.

A Tear, Of Joy,


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