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A Century to Behold

Posted Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at 1:01 PM

By 1900, many people had come, for opportunity, to explore the Freedoms promised; The rest is History.
A Century to Behold
By Arley Steinhour 100311

An article came flashing up
about the olden days,
Photo's of our Pioneer folk
living on what hard work pays.

The look upon the faces,
The starkness in their brow,
They come from many places,
To survive life more like a plow.

Their life will leave a furrow,
Their children carry name,
If lucky, some with take a trait,
Make it worse, or lift to fame.

Until came Century Twenty,
Man followed behind a horse,
Then came the time of plenty,
Life got better, and had more force.

Knuckles raw and bleeding,
Back all bowed with pain,
Nineteenth Century people
Wouldn't ask for life again.

First half of the twentieth,
Life took a different track,
Fast and furious was the call,
There was no looking back.

Nineteen Fifty turned life on,
With luxury items to be had,
Women started working,
To have what they wanted, bad.

We turned on Century Twenty-one,
With computers that just might die,
Something to do with numbers,
No one could explain quite why.

When I was born, in Thirty-Eight,
the farmer, still worked with horse,
Trains hauled people and much freight,
Radio became more than Morse.

Computers came on screaming,
about Nineteen-Sixty-Six,
Personal, became the name,
Each house now has five or six.

We turned the Century, Twenty-One,
With great hope our expectation,
Gonna be a fantastic world,
With Cyber communication.

Then came the day in Two Thousand One,
The world flipped upside down,
War, unlike any other,
Made our faces wear naught but frown.

The Bible Prophecy does say,
These things will come to pass,
War, starvation, loss of life,
People die, like droughted grass.

That brings us up to day, my friend,
From here it gets much worse,
On God's word we can depend,
Be a Christian, or rent a hearse.

God doesn't want to lose a soul,
He wants us all to win,
The race can end in Bliss with Him,
Free of Satan and even Sin.

So, turn your heart to Jesus Christ,
He waits for heartfelt prayer,
Forgiveness granted upon request,
Be His forever, Eternal Bliss to share.


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