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The Thief we Love

Posted Friday, September 30, 2011, at 3:12 PM

Like a thief, He hides behind a great, white, fluffy, cloud, until He's set to snatch the Bride away, with Trumpets blaring loud. there's a way to be part of the crowd.
The Thief we Love

By Arley Steinhour 093011

We soon will hear the trumpet call,

Waxing loud and long,

Giving notice to one and all,

It be the wedding song.

The Bridegroom is arriving,

He rides a big white cloud,

Even from that distant point,

One can tell he's very proud.

Time passed slow and steady,

Almost Two Thousand years,

Bride not always ready,

With Wars, too many tears;

The Father wants all things just right,

Before He tells Son, 'he may,'

Go forth just like Thief in the night,

To snatch away, the Bride that day.

Seven day/years, we're in seclusion,

Bride and Bridegroom consummate,

So that there is no confusion,

Final part of Marriage State.

As Seventh day begins to close,

Bridegroom, from the chamber goes,

Confirms, to guests, and all he knows,

Eternal Marriage, with Love that Grows.

Turn heart to Christ Jesus, the King,

Know He's your one and all,

So you can also joyously sing,

When, with Trumpet, He does call.


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