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Fall Feasts Two Thousand Eleven

Posted Thursday, September 29, 2011, at 1:14 PM

Being always ready makes it easy to focus on His eminent return, to snatch away His expectant Bride, who's heart for Him does burn.
Fall Feasts Two Thousand Eleven
By Arley Steinhour 092911

The time is short, long wait is spent,
Before He claims His Bride,
One moment, not, next Heaven-bent,
The Unsaved cry and hide.

The celebration of this day,
Makes noise, both proud and loud,
Celebrate King, the Bridegroom, on His way,
To the delight of expectant crowd.

Evil runs rampant throughout the land,
False gods do abound,
He still reaches out His hand,
Some Repentance, may yet be found.

Lamp with oil, wick well trimmed,
The Bride full ready to go,
Expectantly, with time to relax,
So Anxiety doesn't show

The Sands of Time, no better said,
Still has some grains to go,
Like a Thief, He'll gather Home,
Those full ready, here below.

Yom Teruah, known Rosh Hashanah,
Light strip on Moon shine bright,
Must be acknowledged after dark,
To start Jewish New Year just right.

God's way of starting New Year,
Is much better, if you please,
Not knowing day or hour,
Keep watch on prayerful knees.

The Rabbi count is off this year,
I hope that God don't mind,
For Trumpet call, do lend an ear,
So Paradise and Him you find.


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