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Stumble Realized

Posted Wednesday, September 28, 2011, at 2:39 PM

There is more joy in worship, than any mortal event on earth, that might detract from His love, when another sin, is given birth.
A sister, on a popular Forum, professed disdain with Jesus/God, which squeezed my creative side, and this poured out, all cut and dried:

Stumble Realized
By Arley Steinhour 092811

I think like mortal, yes-sir-eee,
Cause, dear God, That's what I be.
Fallible, don't quite describe,
good reason for why you died.

I have my rights, a gift from you,
The 'wants' I have, might make you blue.
How dare you mean, you only gave,
The right for me, to be your Slave?

I own it all, that I can see,
Cause I can be all I can be.
Before you came, no one knew,
You'd offer Love, Blue Sky True.

We work and sweat, in this life,
You only offer, we be your Wife;
A wife that doesn't own a thing,
You own it all, that sure does sting.

What do you mean it's for eternity,
I'm more worried about what's for me.
I am embarrassed, when you do that,
Hug me so, till I feel quite flat;

Your Love is not the subject here,
About me, it is, can't you hear?
I made a choice between torment and you,
Since then I've not had a worn out shoe;

Ah-Ha, I think I'm beginning to see,
I sacrifice Sin, so you can better Love me.

Eternity is a very long time,
I be yours and you be mine;
So, good-by Sin, and all I 'want,'
I'm much safer, when you're in Front.


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