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Opportunity Comes and Goes

Posted Monday, September 26, 2011, at 8:44 PM

Coincidence, Coincidence, too many there for me, But NASA say's it turned to dust, of danger we are free. I cannot argue Sience I do not know, so I take their word for that; However I will keep an eye till it's gone and that will then be That. AMEN
Opportunity Comes and Goes
By Arley Steinhour 092611

A comet got us all upset,
I watched the sky to see,
Expectation wasn't met,
There proved nothing there for me.

Coincidence seemed the answer,
Projecting things in Prophecy,
Fabrications made us unsure,
Proved nothing there to see.

Alignment day, in full swing,
No quake of great magnitude,
Silent Alarms, do not ring,
No tragedy ensued.

Chicken Little back in closet,
At least for day or two,
Alarms all being reset,
Bad Times are still not through.

Sign from God, 'Elenin' did not sate,
There's plenty more things to watch,
UN will vote to make Palestinian State,
To 'regain' a never held national hatch.

They'll strip away much of Israel,
Defenseless is where they'll stand,
Survival chances, truly pail,
Jews 'will' defend their land.

Soon, we have Apocalypse,
Perhaps Psalm Eighty-Three,
Islam uses land and ships,
To keep Israel from being free.

Won't need Chicken Little, then,
Not with World at War called 'Three,'
Fortress berme at every fen,
Grass gone, and hardly left, a tree.

Seven years it takes mankind,
God finally steps into fray,
Many lose lives or their mind,
Jesus wins Millennial 'Day.'


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